N&J Landscaping

Bug Busters LLC is proud to announce N&J Landscaping. Together we provide the ULTIMATE care for your home.  Providing both the pest control and lawn maintenance. 

N&J Landscaping provides services for both residential and commercial.  We provide services such as SOD, GRAVEL, TURF, POWER SPRAY, SPRINKLER SYSTEMS, TREE TRIMMING and much more. 

Together we make your home safe from pests and keep your yard looking fresh and up to date. 

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We look forward in providing you with the ULTIMATE packets.

Customers who have had their services both from Bug Busters LLC and N&J Landscaping have been 100% satisfied. That's the same satisfaction we look at providing to you and your loved ones. 

N&J Landscaping



Monday - Friday 8AM - 5:30PM

Saturday 9AM - 1PM